Our state-of-the-art prototype system sets the standard in cost efficiency, analysis speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility. By pushing the boundaries of infrared spectroscopy, we’ve developed a data acquisition process that incorporates system calibration for long-term consistency.

Successful deployment of AI solutions depends on high-quality raw data, accurate labeling, advanced algorithms, and adaptive updates. We’ve designed a holistic data flow that provides comprehensive feature extraction, including chemistry-based insights, adulteration concentrations, and more, delivered directly via email. Our vertical integration optimizes both cost and prediction accuracy, making AI easy to understand and utilize.

Our custom-built database is highly scalable, supporting a variety of products and customers, and effortlessly enables both cross-sectional and longitudinal comparisons. Specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), we leverage proprietary algorithms to deliver precise quantitative reports for each sample. Our expanding spectral libraries allow us to identify subtle difference in molecular vibrations, providing more detailed insights than traditional qualitative analysis methods.